Why You Can Support A Woman’s Right To Choose, But Oppose Abortion?: 4 Examples

Beware of the hypocrisy, and double – talk, of politicians, and their partisan followers! While, each of us, have the right, to our own opinion, it doesn’t mean, that it, automatically, provides the freedom, to create our own version of the facts! Perhaps, the most concerning (or one of them), of the previous, Presidential tenure/ term, was, when his Press Advisor, referred to his obvious, willingness to adopt, less – than – facts, and declare them, as factual, as, Alternative Facts! Something is, either, a fact, or an opinion, and the former, can never be, alternative! However, one, continuing, concerning issue, where, some seem to want to impose, their views, on others, is when it comes to, a woman’s right – to – choose! How can anyone, claim, to be a protector of freedoms, and rights, when he attempts to tell, females, what to do, regarding their own bodies? While, some may determine, abortions, are wrong, based on the personal, religious, and/ or, supposed – ethical beliefs, etc, that should only, mean, each woman has the right to determine, whether, any course of action, is the right one, for them! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 4 examples, and why they matter.

1. The precedent: The case, known, as, Roe v Wade, a half – century ago, has been considered, legal precedent, for decades, but, seems to be, at – risk, today, not because of legality, but, rather, personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! Although, it is anyone’s right, to oppose abortions, and, attempt to convince others, to agree, and proceed, likewise, that does not mean, they have the right, to restrict the rights, granted to others! When/ if, legal – precedent, stops counting, because of political pressure, etc, our way – of – life, becomes, at – risk!

2. Core principle of women’s rights: We have no laws, restricting a man’s sexual organs, such as mandating operations/ procedures, etc, so, why do we have the right, to tell a woman, what she can, or can’t do, regarding her decisions, related to her body? Since, more than a century ago, women were legally, granted, full – equal rights (it took, long – enough, how dare any man, create gender – specific rules, regarding, females!

3. If we control women’s bodies, how about men’s?: Imagine the reaction, to a propose, to mandate men, to have vasectomies? If, we wouldn’t do that, aren’t we, hypocrites, telling women what to do, with decisions, related to their bodies, etc?

4. Special circumstances: Even, if one, opposed abortions, in – general, aren’t there special circumstances, where these shouldn’t be questioned? Some examples, include: rape; health – related risks; unwanted pregnancies for minors; and/ or, a variety of other, personal circumstances, etc?

Women’s rights must be a core – component, for true, human rights! Will you demand, these rights, are, consistently, prevented, regardless of anyone’s personal preferences, and beliefs?