Shouldn’t Our Rights Keep Everyone FREE?

For a nation, supposedly founded on the concept of, specific Constitutional guarantees, based on certain rights and freedoms, and, liberty and justice, for all. we often witness some Americans, who seem to feel, while they are entitled to every right, others are not! Too many, seem, to be focused, selectively, emphasizing specific rights, they choose, but, often, paying, far – less attention to others! How else can we understand, the logic, of those, who are adamant about their so – called, 2nd Amendment Rights (or, at least, their interpretation, about the right – to – bear – arms, while minimizing, the other rights, for others, who may disagree with their perspectives, perceptions, priorities, etc? Shouldn’t we, who are citizens, of the land – of – the – free, insist these rights and freedoms, keep everyone FREE, and, not merely, some prejudiced, selective interpretations, etc? with, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it matters.

1. Face facts; fairness/ fair; faithful; future/ fruition; freedoms; finest: Instead of bias and prejudice, we must face the facts, and realistically, pursue, a system, and nation, where all men are created equal, with equal rights, and protecting all of them, rather than, only selective ones! Our system must emphasize fairness, to all, in a way, which, consistently, provides a fairer, way of life! We must demand, our elected officials, faithfully, represent all our citizens, and, not, merely, their core supporters, etc! If freedoms and rights, aren’t prioritized, consistently, the future of America, is, at – risk, and we will lose our ability to feel, we live in the finest, fairest, most – equal nation, in the world!

2. Realistic; rational; rationale/ reasoning; relevant; rights: Claiming this nation, is one thing, but, allowing, partisan politics, to prevail, and discrimination to be allowed, is, neither, realistic, nor rational! We must, carefully, examine the rationale and reasoning, in terms of rights and freedoms, as a key to a potential official’s qualification, for – office! If, we don’t begin to do so, in a relevant, and sustainable manner, the United States will lose its identity!

3. Equal/ equality; excellence; endurance: If, you believe, there is, already, equality, and that, all people are treated, equal, in terms of their Constitutional guarantees, etc, you aren’t paying sufficient attention! We can’t afford, good – enough, and/ or, the same – old, same – old, but must demand, a commitment to excellence, in terms of these protections! Don’t expect to reverse conditions, such as, systemic racism, quickly, because it will take time, persistence, and true endurance!

4. Efforts; effects; empathy; energize/ energy: Before it’s too late, we must find leaders, whose energy, focuses on using their personal energy, to energize us, to be better, and treat each other, as we want to be treated! Our efforts must create needed, quality effects, based on genuine empathy!

We will never remain the land of the free, unless/ until. we keep everyone FREE! We can’t afford, these efforts towards selective enforcement of, only those rights, which benefit us!